What is Responsible Gambling and How It Affects Both Gambler and Online Casinos

Responsible gambling is an essential concept that should be adopted by all online and land-based casinos. It is a broad concept comprising many policies and requirements that must be applied to gambling stakeholders to ensure that they offer their players the highest standards of quality and a safe user experience that protect gamblers from the negative consequences of online gambling.  

Gambling must be treated as a way to spend time having fun, not as a way to make more money. The majority of gamblers can control themselves and spend only the money they can afford to risk. However, that can be hard for some gamblers.

Online casinos and software providers that supply the casinos with their software and services must comply with the responsible gambling rules. In addition, software providers must make sure that online casinos comply with all technical and legislative demands. At Sol Casino (), one of those casinos, there are 7 types of responsible gambling practices that the casino makes sure to be applied on the platform. The casino pays attention to the following criteria:

  1. Protection of vulnerable gamblers.
  2. Prevention of account creation and gambling by underaged.
  3. Safety measures against any possible criminal activities.
  4. Protection of personal information.
  5. Secure and encrypted online payments.
  6. Ethical marketing.
  7. Creation of a secure online gambling environment.

Similarly, Jet Casino in Canada abides by the rules of responsible gambling. For example, this online casino observes the following requirements:

  1. Prevention of underage gambling
  2. Safety measures against criminal activities
  3. Information privacy
  4. Online payment protection
  5. A secure online environment
  6. Ethical and responsible marketing.

How Can Online Casinos Stay Responsible?

Any online casino is responsible for all its activities. The casino must make sure that all the principles of responsible online gambling are understood and followed by all the parties participating in the online gambling industry, including regulators, operators, software providers, and players. Some of them simply post a stick on the website and offer support, but that is not the case with Sol Casino.

To actually show its respect and understanding to responsible gambling, Sol Casino cooperates with Addiction Relief Fund for Youth by fundings its events to raise awareness of addiction problems. In addition, they are partners in the development of a program to support responsible gambling. 

In addition, all software providers who have their games on Sol Casino must make sure that all their software is designed to provide players with a safe and fair gambling experience. In other words, software providers may not be in direct contact with players, but they are under both moral and legal obligations to provide online casinos with the necessary tools to have full control over:

  • Gambling addiction. The software must include betting limits and self-exclusion tools.
  • Underage gambling. Online casinos must be able to check players’ ages.
  • Information Privacy. The casino should have the means and tools that guarantee data security and privacy by having the necessary security tools against any online threats and/or illegal activities.
  • Secure gambling environment. The software must include integrating software monitoring capabilities.

Recommendations for Responsible Gamblers

Casino stakeholders in the online gambling industry are responsible for providing ethical and legal gambling activities, and software providers must design the games and software products to guarantee safe user experiences and allow the casinos to apply responsible gambling principles. 

Now, gamblers must be aware of their gambling activities and see gambling as a way to spend time having fun in a relaxing way.
Therefore, the following recommendations for gamblers should be considered.

  1. Gambling activities should be exciting and entertaining. Therefore, online casinos offer a lot of online games and have so much diversity in their games.
  2. Online gambling is about having fun and should not be a way to make more money or as a job.
  3. Gamblers should not play with money they cannot afford to lose. That is why you should read the privacy policy of the casino before signing up. To avoid losing the money you cannot afford, reputable online casinos such as Sol Casino allow players to implement responsible gambling mechanisms. For example, they allow players to set the maximum amount to be placed on a certain bet in a certain period.
  4. Players should be aware of the time they spend on gambling platforms. If they are playing via mobile devices, they can find out how much time they spend online on gambling websites. If the player is losing more than a few hours per day on gambling, it is time to take time off from online gambling for a while.
  5. Keep track of your online losses and wins and limit them. Most gambling activities depend completely on randomness. Therefore, players should keep track of how much they win and how much they lose. If there is a negative frequency, the player must make a decision and determine whether his/her gambling activities are suitable for them or not. Most online casinos, such as Sol Casino, help their players when they want to take a break. There is an option called “Self-Exclusion” that allows players to close their accounts for a period (1 day, 6 months, 1 year, etc.).
  6. If you have the feeling that online gambling has become a problem, it is strongly recommended to contact a specialist or an organization such as Prince Edward Island Reach Foundation to provide you with the necessary support.