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1) Greetings from the PEI Reach Foundation!

2) What's happening at the PEI Reach Centre?

3) Reach Member Profile

4) Quote of the Month

5) Coming up at the PEI Reach Centre




1) Greetings from the PEI Reach Foundation!

Hello, and happy fall! Welcome to the new edition of the PEI Reach Foundation newsletter! Here, you will find information on what the Reach Foundation is doing to help youth recovering from mental health and/or addictions issues in the province, as well as what's happening in the upcoming weeks.

Here at the PEI Reach Centre, we provide a safe, stigma free environment for youth to come and enjoy a chemical free space. We aim to help youth reintegrate into the community, as well as to provide opportunities for youth to pursue employment and/or further their education.

2) What's happening at the PEI Reach Centre?

We have been hard at work over the past few months on several new projects! Our members have been working on new Hands On projects, including woodworking furniture from reclaimed wood, as well as creating Christmas crafts for the upcoming holiday season.

Here at the Reach Centre in Stratford, in addition to providing a safe place for youth to hang out, as well as support and guidance while promoting addiction and mental health education and awareness in the community, we also take a hands on approach to helping people recovering from addiction and/or mental health issues. Through our Hands On projects, members get a chance to learn and apply new trades while giving back to the community.

Hands On Christmas Crafts

Our Hands On Christmas Crafts are made with care and devotion by participants at the PEI Reach Foundation. Proceeds from any purchase directly fund programs for youth in recovery from addiction and/or mental health issues, to build skills & confidence. Our Christmas Crafts are handmade, and are available from $15 and up on our website,, or at our location at 223 Mason Road, Stratford.

In addition to our seasonal selection, we have furniture, graphic T shirts, and our signature Hands On Soap, a perfect gift for anyone this holiday season at just $5 a bar or $2 for kids soap! We will also be selling our new Christmas Soap starting next week, just $5 a bar! 

3) Reach Member Profile

Name - Marshall MacIsaac
Age - 20
Job - Woodshop Supervisor


 Marshall MacIsaac

The PEI Reach Foundation offers a woodshop work program to help train members in new skills as well as hone the ones they already have. An excellent example of this is the Woodshop Supervisor, Marshall MacIsaac.

"I just needed a place where I could keep busy and stay recovery-oriented," said Marshall when asked why he first came to the Reach Centre in Stratford. "It's a safe place, based around recovery."

It has been four months, and Marshall has kept coming back every day. Marshall was accepted into a work experience program as part of his time at the PEI Reach Centre. Coming to the centre has allowed Marshall to return to fully experiencing life and developing his work ethic over time.

"I've learned quite a few skills," Marshall said. "I've learned how to take action."

While using his woodshop skills, Marshal said he has been able to develop leadership skills by being the supervisor for the workshop. It has given him more confidence and helped in his recovery.

The Reach Foundation welcomes youth in recovery from mental health and/or addictions issues, which gives everyone a way to relate to each other, Marshall said.

"We all come from the same spot."

In addition to the work in the woodshop, Marshall spends time playing music at the Reach Centre, as well as the occasional basketball game at lunch. The centre is a great place for people looking to transition back into working full-time, he said, especially youth from Transitions, Strength, Lacey and Talbot House, and the extended provincial family of community mental health and addictions programs.

"There's no judgment."

4) Quote of the Month

β€œTo improve the golden moment of opportunity, and catch the good that is within our reach, is the great art of life.” – Samuel Johnson


Road to Recovery

5) Coming up at the PEI Reach Centre

SMART Recovery PEI
Family and Friends Meetings
Every Tuesday at 7:00pm

Alcoholics Anonymous
Stratford Group (OS)
Every Thursday at 8:00 PM

Vicious Cycle
Sundays at 8:00pm


PEI Reach Foundation
223 Mason Road, Stratford.
[email protected]

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